We Love Machine – The Remixes – out now!

2nd May 2010

You can now buy the Remixes album at the Way Out West website shop , we’ve added a new package which includes a new T-Shirt and an mp3 download of their live show at Future Music Festival Sydney!

  • SiYuder - Open Your Eyes


    Open Your Eyes

    Release date: 15th Sep 2014

  • Nick Warren - The Soundgarden - Volume 1

    Nick Warren

    The Soundgarden - Volume 1

    Release date: 9th Jun 2014

  • Tom Glass - Vertigo

    Tom Glass


    Release date: 19th May 2014

  • Various Artists - XV

    Various Artists


    Release date: 16th Dec 2013

  • Nick Warren - La Fabrica

    Nick Warren

    La Fabrica

    Release date: 18th Nov 2013