• tom glass

    New material coming from Tom Glass

    We at Hope think all the music Tom Glass writes is brilliant, so we are happy to announce we’ll be releasing a special collection of his tracks in the new year, called ‘Simple Stories for Complicated People’.

  • Nomad In The Dark - Shine

    Nomad In The Dark – Shine – out now at Beatport!

    “Nomad In The Dark has been making waves in the scene for some time now. His previous releases and remixes have found favour with many of the top DJs and Sasha pointed him out as one of the producers to watch. This time he delivers a funk fueled Journey in 3 parts “Shine”, Shine like a poor man” and a shiny remix of “Poor man” (Nick Warren)

  • Tom Glass - Omnia

    Listen now: Tom Glass – Omnia

    ” Tom Glass is a top bloke, based in Poland he has been been making fantastic music over the past year and when he sent me “Omnia” i signed it up straight away. It has been smashing it for me everywhere i play and getting a great response from my radio show” – Nick Warren

  • Simon Shackleton - We All Shine On

    Simon Shackleton

    We All Shine On

    Release date: 17th Nov 2014

  • SiYuder - Open Your Eyes


    Open Your Eyes

    Release date: 15th Sep 2014

  • Nick Warren - The Soundgarden - Volume 1

    Nick Warren

    The Soundgarden - Volume 1

    Release date: 9th Jun 2014

  • Tom Glass - Vertigo

    Tom Glass


    Release date: 19th May 2014

  • Various Artists - XV

    Various Artists


    Release date: 16th Dec 2013