New material coming from Tom Glass

29th October 2010

We at Hope think all the music Tom Glass writes is brilliant, so we are happy to announce we’ll be releasing a special collection of his tracks in the new year, called ‘Simple Stories for Complicated People’. There will be more news on that soon but in the meantime check out the excellent ‘Omnia‘ release.

  • SiYuder - Open Your Eyes


    Open Your Eyes

    Release date: 15th Sep 2014

  • Nick Warren - The Soundgarden - Volume 1

    Nick Warren

    The Soundgarden - Volume 1

    Release date: 9th Jun 2014

  • Tom Glass - Vertigo

    Tom Glass


    Release date: 19th May 2014

  • Various Artists - XV

    Various Artists


    Release date: 16th Dec 2013

  • Nick Warren - La Fabrica

    Nick Warren

    La Fabrica

    Release date: 18th Nov 2013