HOPE111 – Video for ‘Devil’s Elbow’

5th March 2013

HOPE111: Nick Warren – ‘Devil’s Elbow’ is out on 25th March! Make sure you check out the video here for Max Cooper’s remix, which will also feature on the release!

Also, have a read below for an insight in to the concept behind the videos creation…

‘This video started out a couple of years ago when I saw an image of a set of lines that looked like they were moving even though it was a still. I decided I wanted a video with lines that were hard to tell if they were moving or not, and I asked Whiskas FX (Andrew Brewer) to make it for me.

It was a simple concept and video, so it was just used as a placeholder for my Xpander remix, rather than being pushed as an official video. People didn’t really seem to like it that much either, I guess when you watch it small on a phone or something it’s hard to tell if anything is happening, people need something to slap them round the face to get a good response sometimes. Anyway, since then I’ve gone back to the video a few times, and I realised I actually really like it, so I thought I would like to use it again sometime when the right track came along.

Moving on a few years, I did a remix for Nick Warren, which came out pretty minimal and hypnotic, the same vibe as the video, so I thought I’d have a go at making my own edit of the original video for the new remix. My video editing skills are pathetic however, so I fumbled my way through and may have made an abomination by proper video standards, but I liked the banding patterns and compression artefacts I got by whacking up the saturation and contrast to the point of destruction, and rendering out the video in higher resolution than the original file, so I decided to use my feeble skills as a feature of the video. I also layered up parts of the original on top of one another and messed with the colours to try and make different sections to fit the track progression.

So anyway, here is my pixelated messy wobbly line edit of Whiskas FX’s original Xpander video, set to the sound of my remix of “Devil’s Elbow” by Nick Warren (I think Devil’s Elbow is the name of a treacherous stretch of road in the Scottish Highlands or something, probably worth a visit). It works best watching in full screen in a dark room with the sound loud!’

- Max Cooper

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