Matt Rowan & Jaytech - Pulse

Matt Rowan & Jaytech


Release date: 21st August 2006
HOPE 062


1. Pulse

2. Silver Cities


The Boys are back in Town! After their last track 'Tomorrow' being Hope's biggest release of the year, and their sterling mix of Starecase's Vapour Trails the month after, they return with two new pieces, one of which has only been available on the Hope mix '8 ball'

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M8 Magazine review:
Matt Rowan and Jaytech Pulse/Silver Cities Hope After the joy of Blaze/Tomorrow how would the hottest Aussie pairing since wine and seafood deliver two quite different pieces. Silver Cities sparkles like, well a silver city I assume. Possibly one that's rising above the dance floor at 3 in the morning. Pulse however is the stand out track. Its tight rhythms and ever circling patterns deliver the goods and provide good proggy grooves and enough fine melodies so as not to distract from them. The record is something of a gem.

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