Parallel Sound - Falling Like A Star

Parallel Sound

Falling Like A Star

Release date: 4th July 2005
HOPE 055


1. Falling Like A Star

2. Falling Like A Star - Peak Time Edit


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Falling Like a Star is a vocal, rocky bassline adventure into breaks. Backed up by techy stabs and a solid melodic hook, the devious, sleazy vocals tell the story, while the track builds into a nice groove. Arriving at the mellow breakdown, the vocals really shine through. Building up on top of the pad a vocals, the familiar bassline kicks in, with more and more percussion joining the fray, until we peak and the track comes thundering back in. This is the most intense part of the track, and the tough groove hammers on, supporting the vocal, epitomising what the track is all about, and then fading out nicely for the mixout, while never losing its feeling.

The "peak time edit" does what it says on the box. It's got peak time written all over it. Building on a solid 4/4 and somewhat more instrumental, we still get the same hook as the original. But the breakdown is where this track comes into its own. Like the original, we get a gentle soundscape, that gives no indication of the intensity that is to come. Slowly building into a quiet growl, the lead is backed by the hook and building percussion, and just when things start to get a bit crazy, the drumroll kicks in, and with the lead now screaming, we come crashing back into the track proper. With a cheeky shift of the bassline, the track now almost techno like is at its most intense as the lead is aggressively hammered out, and with more percussion thrown in the mix, the track peaks even more, certain to whip any crowd into a frenzy. And as the track winds down to the mix out, the only evidence of the previous debauchery is the smiles on faces.


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