Hybrid - Hybrid Soundsystem 01


Hybrid Soundsystem 01

Release date: 14th July 2008


1-01     Harry Gregson Williams* - Desert Chase 2:41     
1-02     Trentemøller & Buda - Gamma 0:59    
1-03     Massive Attack - Sweet Is Good 1:37    
1-04     Trifonic - Parks On Fire 5:56    
1-05     Lostep - 6am Sedna 1:10    
1-06     Andy Page - Yellow Tracksuit 3:39    
1-07     Vector Lovers - Last Day Of Winter 2:19    
1-08     Stefan Anion - Das Land Spricht (Post Apocalypse) 3:03    
1-09     Spooky - The River 3:36    
1-10     John Murphy (2) - Going Home 1:40    
1-11     Harry Gregson Williams* - Saladin 5:27    
1-12     John Murphy (2) - Soldier's Requiem 1:15    
1-13     Charlotte James - Shadows Of The City 9:14    
1-14     Barry Jamieson - Arp Thing 1:43    
1-15     Ryuichi Sakamoto Featuring David Sylvian* - World Citizen 6:52    
1-16     Harry Gregson Williams* Featuring Lisa Gerrard - Man On Fire 4:42    

2-01     Sasha - Coma (Spangled Rubdub)     2:34    
2-02     Quivver - Surin - 5:00    
2-03     Luke Dzierzek - Identity (King Unique Remix) 6:50    
2-04     Longrange* - Just One More (Hybrid Matrix Dub) 5:31    
2-05     Shifter And Carvell* - A Dark Distance 8:16    
2-06     Soliquid - Lonesfield 6:31    
2-07     Hybrid Feat. Charlotte James - The Formula Of Fear (Hybrid Remix)     9:31
2-08     Hybrid Feat. Harry Gregson Williams* - $50 Pistol (Shifter & Carvell) 4:31
2-09     Lank - Confrontation 7:01    
2-10     Oliver Moldan vs Harada - Fortune Cookie (Jerome Isma-ae Mix) 3:00    
2-11     Stefano Greppi - Electro Pop (Ambient Mix) 1:30    
2-12     Elite Force - Shivva     4:23    


Hybrid's Soundsystem 01 is out now. You can buy from AMAZON / PLAY / iTunes.

The compilation includes special unreleased tracks from a range of producers including Massive Attack, Trentemoller, Quivver, Harry Gregson Williams, John Murphy, Sasha, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Andy Page to name a few.

"Cinematic" is a term long associated with acclaimed dance-music innovators Hybrid_and that widescreen emphasis comes even more into focus on Hybrid_s ground-breaking new double-disc mix collection, Soundsystem 01 (Hope Recordings).

On CD 1 of Soundsystem, Truman and Healings fuse actual film scores and ambient electronica together for the first time, making for an unforgettable downtempo odyssey: here, glitchy, atmospheric tracks from Trentemoller, Spooky, Andy Page, and new Hybrid vocalist Charlotte James (who contributes a haunting new chill-out classic, _Shadows of the City_) blend seamlessly with edgy score selections from films like Babel and 28 Days Later.

The more upfront, club-oriented disc of Soundsystem 01 also features some surprises for Hybrid fans. For one, while big-room icons like Sasha, Quivver and Elite Force are represented, Soundsystem shifts the duo_s trademark progressive/breaks sound into a predominantly techier, 4/4-driven groove.

Soundsystem_s DJ-mix disc also features a stripped-down club mix of Hybrid_s latest single _Formula of Fear,_ which reflects of how the band_s famous live show_hailed everywhere from festivals spanning Coachella to Glastonbury_has evolved a new creative direction.


"Hybrid are busy bees - following last year's impressive double album 'Hybrid Remixed', comes another two-CD compilation, the first CD a downtempo affair filled with moody soundtrack pieces (including tracks from the films 'Kingdom Of Heaven' and 'Man On Fire', both of which Hybrid scored for alongside Harry Gregson Williams). It's more minimalist than you might expect it's more an exercise in subtle ambience than string-drenched beats (there aren't any of those until about halfway through, though when they kick in, we're in territory which will be familiar to anyone with a love of Hybrid's more serene moments). The second CD is the upbeat one, featuring tracks from the likes of Sasha, Quivver and Hybrid themselves, including the duo's awesome remix of Long Range's 'Just One More'. A couple of tracks are absolute killers - Soliquid's progressive monster 'Lonesfield' and Lank's unrelenting 'Confrontation' - but the track selection is consistently excellent. As you'd expect from Hybrid, 'Soundsystem 01' doesn't put a foot wrong, showcasing all that's great about the progressive duo from start to end." (CMU DAILY)

Soundsystem 01 will not only please Hybrid fans of old, hoping to hear more club hits, but should also win over a new generation of techno lovers.... continues to do what Hybrid have become synonymous with, progression and innovation." (Progressive Sounds


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